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Public Health Nursing Discipline Specific Competencies Version 1.0 May, 2009


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Following the release of the Core Competencies for Public Health 1.0 in 2007, the need to further define discipline specific competencies for public health nurses became a priority for the Community Health Nurses of Canada. Using these core competencies for public health, the Community Health Nursing Standards of Practice (CHNAC, 2008) and a literature review, a team of experts in public health nursing produced the Public Health Nursing Discipline Specific Competencies Version 1.0.

Public Health Nursing Competencies are the integrated knowledge, skills, judgment and attributes required of a public health nurse to practice safely and ethically. Attributes include, but are not limited to attitudes, values and beliefs. (Canadian Nurses Association Code of Ethics, 2008). These competencies describe the activity that a public health nurse engages in to meet a standard or a set of standards.
Bilingual, 29 pages
ISBN 978-0-9733774-3-9
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