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2019 Canadian Community Health Nursing Professional Practice Model & Standards of Practice


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The Canadian Community Health Nursing Professional Practice Model & Standards of Practice, has been updated in 2019.  Written by Canadian community health nurses and experts from all practice areas, this revised document defines the practice of a registered nurse in the specialty area of community health nursing and provides a guide for CHNs and their employers to evaluate their practice.

 The publication features:

a) The components of the professional practice model and the graphic that describes the structure, process and values that support the community health nurse's control over the delivery of nursing care and the environment in which care is delivered.

b) Eight standards of practice that represent a vision for excellence in community health nursing. The Standards of Practice also provide a foundation for national certification and research in community health nursing.

c) Updated Appendices, including the glossary of terms used in the document.

Available in print copy - English only. ISBN 978-0-9733774-9-1 (cost $25)

PDF copies in English and French available for purchase (cost $15)*
*Please note: To comply with copyright legislation, PDF versions are watermarked with the name of the purchaser.  They are intended for individual use only.  For bulk purchases (20 or more), please see below.  

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