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Webinar: System transformation from an Indigenous perspective

Webinar: Applying Leadership Competencies into Public Health Practice

The Public Health Leadership Competency Network hosted a webinar in February 2019 to share a knowledge transfer strategy focusing on leadership within public health practice . In 2015 Leadership Competencies for Public Health Practice in Canada were released, founded on the premise that leadership competencies can be used strategically to integrate leader roles and behaviors into an organization’s culture, systems, processes and technologies.
Toronto Public Health implemented a Growing Leadership initiative based on the Leadership Competencies. The purpose of the initiative is to increase the knowledge, skill and capacity of public health practitioners related to the leadership competencies within their role functions.  Growing Leadership uses the competencies to enable staff to build their leadership capacity through the development of a deliverable outcome that can be embedded into their current work. Evaluation has demonstrated the success of the initiative and enabled program improvements.
In this session participants will:
·         learn about the Leadership Competencies;
·         learn about Toronto Public Health's Growing Leadership initiative; and
·         hear from participants about their experience.
Moderator: Ruth Schofield
Presenter: Oma Boodoo

You can access the recording of this webinar on YouTube.

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Webinar Presented by: Claire Betker, RN, PhD, CCHN(C)
This webinar will highlight the findings of a scoping review of the literature that was guided by the research question "What aspects of public health leadership to advance health equity have been considered by research?” Public health leadership to advance health equity occurs at community, organizational and societal levels, and it helps shape internal and external environments within which public health functions. 

This webinar provides a useful description of leadership as well as tools, strategies and mechanisms that will help you with policy development, practice, education and research. This webinar can also help support public health leadership competence at individual, organizational, community and system levels.
 Webinar Presented by:  Ardene Robinson Vollman, PhD RN CCHN(C), Adjunct Professor, Cumming School of Medicine, Department of Community Health Sciences, University of  Calgary
Brenda Lammi, MSc, BSc (OT), BPHE, BA (Hlth), Director, LEADS Canada.
This presentation focuses on the development of leadership competencies for public health practice and detail the key themes related to each. An overview of LEADS is also provided.
 Webinar Presented by:
Hamida Bhimani, RN, BScN, MHSc, CHE, Head of Nursing Practice, Public Health Branch, Community and Health Services Department, York Region, ON
The key to continual development of one’s leadership capabilities includes looking at one’s growth mindset, which can be broadly defined as the ability to continually learn and grow by seeking new experiences. This presentation will share new practices that are gaining much ground and momentum in the field of leadership development.