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CHNC Strategic Plan 

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CHNC Strategic Plan 2016-2019 remains grounded in the Blueprint for Action for Community Health Nursing in Canada (CHNC, 2011) which outlines a national framework and action plan for the current and future development of community health nursing in Canada. This Blueprint provides a framework to guide decisions and activities that promote and protect the health of Canadians and it is used as an advocacy tool, and as a guide to direct coordinated action to manage the strategic changes and actions essential to promoting, protecting and restoring the health of all Canadians.   

The Blueprint for Action for Community Health Nursing in Canada outlines 6 arenas for action:
  1. Community health nurses need to work at full scope and with greater clarity for the role in all domains of practice 
  2. Nursing leadership is necessary to support community health nursing practice and provide a voice for the profession.
  3. Build on successful collaboration within nursing and strengthen partnerships with other professionals and sectors 
  4. Transform the health care system into a system for (community) health  
  5. Support strong educational preparation in community health nursing  
  6. Improve access to a range of professional development resources to advance community health nursing capacity  

CHNC Strategic Plan 2016-2019 

Community Health Nurses: Leaders for a Healthy Canada 
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 Sustain Effective Organization

 Build Capacity

 Advance CHNC & CHN Role

 Strengthening CHNC as a Centre of Excellence

  • Reinforce organizational systems 
  • Support provincial/territorial engagement and increase membership 
  • Broaden resource mix
  • Strengthen strategic partnerships
  • Build Capacity within CHNC to manage the growth and development of the organization

  • Support CNA Vision to lead a shift in health-care system to a greater focus on Primary Health Care
  • Build a Knowledgeable and Skilled Workforce through Certification and Standards & Competencies Integration
  • Become the Hub of Education for Community Health Nurses
  • Build leadership capacity in community health nursing.

  • Enable all community health nurses to articulate their unique role in the health system
  • Articulate the links between community health and primary health care-interdependency among community health nurses, e.g., home health, public health, parish and family practice
  • Optimize CHN scope

  • Strengthen research and policy development & response
  • Close the gap between research and policy by mobilizing community health nursing experts across the country to enable response 
  • Partner to create a program of research in community health nursing
  • Address social and political issues related to community health