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Leadership Competencies for Public Health Practice in Canada: Leadership Competency Statements Version 1.0 June 2015


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These interdisciplinary leadership competencies compliment the Core Competencies for Public Health in Canada (PHAC, 2008) and the discipline-specific competencies. They must be exercised by and developed in and among public health practitioners at all levels of an organization and across all disciplines. The competency statements are intended to describe the Foundational Leadership Competencies required to support public health practice in Canada. The Community Health Nurses of Canada developed the Leadership Competency Statements in partnership with the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors and the Manitoba Public Health Managers Network with funding from Public Health Agency of Canada. We want groups involved to understand the competencies, to apply them by implementing the leadership competencies into practice and to create opportunities for leadership development.

Bilingual, 24 pages ISBN 978-0-9733774-7-7
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