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CHNC Board of Directors 2018-2019

President:  Katie Dilworth RN, BScN, MHSc, CCHN(C) (Public Health)
Katie began her career in community health nursing in the home health sector working. After many years she moved into public health nursing in progressive positions from frontline to management. Katie is currently President of Community Health Nurses of Canada (CHNC) and chairs the CHNC Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Standards Advisory Committee, as well as actively participates in the membership, finance, and conference standing committees. Katie also represents CHNC in collaborations with several external organization (e.g., Canadian Nurses Association and Public Health Agency of Canada).  Katie has a Baccalaureate degree in Nursing, a Masters of Health Science in Health Promotion, and was certified in Community Health Nursing with the Canadian Nurses Association in 2007.

President Elect: Cheryl Cusack RN, PhD (Public Health)
Cheryl is currently working in the role of Senior Public Health Nursing Practice Advisor and Professional Practice Leader at Manitoba Health, Seniors & Active Living. Past work experiences include nursing leadership and management, government, and direct care. Cheryl holds an inter-disciplinary PhD and a Masters of Nursing. Research and work interests include public health practice, nursing role development, health equity, and inter-professional collaboration. Cheryl is a long-standing member of CHNC. She has held positions on the board as treasurer, provincial representative, and has chaired multiple subcommittees. Most recently, Cheryl was appointed CHNC president elect, at the June 2018 AGM.

Secretary: Jessica Lok RN, BSN, MN (Home Health)
Jessica received both a nursing undergraduate and graduate degree from Bloomberg, Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto. While her career started in the acute care sector (specifically in the trauma and neurosurgery programs), she is currently employed in Toronto, Ontario as the Manager of Professional Practice of a non-profit home healthcare organization. Jessica is new to the CHNC board but has in the past been involved with RNAO’s Community Health Nurses Interest Group (CHNIG) both in the roles of Professional Practice Home Health and Governance. Jessica is a foodie, loves travelling and in her spare time likes to try out new recipes.
Finance: Cindy Baker-Barill RN, BNSc  (Public Health)
Cindy Baker-Barill is the Manager of the Central East Tobacco Control Area Network and the Tobacco Programs at the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.  She has worked in Public Health since 1986 in a variety of roles ranging from a generalist PHN to focused programs by age, such as Healthy Child Adolescent team and by issue, Substance Abuse and Injury Prevention.  Cindy is currently the Governance Representative on the Community Health Nurses Initiatives Group of RNAO and Treasurer for Community Health Nurses of Canada.  Cindy has been active on many provincial committees; Tobacco Control System Committee, Provincial Youth Prevention Committee and participated in the development of the RNAO BPG; Enhancing Healthy Adolescent Development.

Communications: Kate Thompson RN, BScN, MSc (Home Health)
Kate’s roots are in Saskatchewan where she obtained her undergrad and graduate degrees; however she currently calls Ottawa home where she works as a nurse consultant in primary care for Indigenous Services Canada (First Nations and Inuit Health Branch). Past roles have included Chief Nursing Officer for the Government of the Northwest Territories, and various field and management level positions with community health and primary care in Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories, and Ontario.
Kate first joined CHNC in 2005 as the Saskatchewan rep; and has served as President elect/ President/ Past president, and co-chair of 3 national conferences. She is currently serving her second year as the Communications Officer to the executive, chairs the Communications standing committee and is the face behind the website updates, social media posts and the Great Big News. 

Alberta: Lorraine Telford R.N., B.Sc.N, M.N. CCHN(C)) (Education)
Lorraine has participated in professional and public health related positions in both Ontario and Alberta. She has worked to full scope of practice as a PHN, and for several years specialized in early childhood high risk and primary prevention. Currently she is working to improve health outcomes for vulnerable people with complex health and social needs through health system improvements. This involves work to link public health and primary care. In addition, Lorraine has experience in academia (Ryerson, UofT, MacEwan University), in clinical leadership of a Community Health Centre (LAMP), and consulting in health promotion, program planning and evaluation

British Columbia: Donna Jepsen RN, CCHN(C), BSN, IBCLC, MSc (Public Health)
Donna has been the BC Representative to CHNC since 2016 to 2018 and is serving a second term (2018 to 2020).  She chairs the CHNC Governance Standing Committee since 2016.  Donna is a contributing member to the Community Health Nurses of BC (CHNBC), sits on the CHNBC Steering Committee, Annual Newsletter working group and CHNBC Education Planning Committee. She works as the Provincial Coordinator of the Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) Program in British Columbia for the Ministry of Health, Population and Public Health Division.  
Donna became certified in Community Health Nursing through CNA in 2009 and continue to recertify.  She has a diploma in nursing from the Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing, a BSN from the University of Victoria, and an MSc in Health Promotion from the University of Alberta (2006).  Donna became CCNE designated in 2016 from the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN). 

Manitoba: Laureen Fingas RN, BScN (Public Health)
Laureen Fingas has been a Public Health Nurse for 29 years.  She graduated in 1989 with a RN diploma from Grace Hospital in Winnipeg, MB and practiced primary care and public health nursing in a northern nursing station in Grand Rapids, MB.  Laureen graduated in 2007 with a BScN from Brandon University.  She continued her education with being accepted to the Masters of Nursing program from University of Manitoba in 2010 and completed the required courses and submitted her thesis proposal.   Volunteerism is a big part of living in a small rural community and Laureen has been fortunate to be involved with her local chapter of Habitat for Humanity, local food bank and is a pianist for her church.  She is married to a wonderful husband for 29 years and they have three children aged 25, 23, and 17 years.  They farm as well and their oldest graduated this spring with a Business Degree and returned home to become the 5th generation to farm.

New Brunswick: Colleen Parker  RN  (Community Health)
Colleen works full time with the military and part time as a surgical nurse in New Brunswick. She is a diabetes educator currently completing her Masters degree. When not working, Colleen is at home with her husband and their three children. Colleen is presently working on the National Conference Standing Committee with CHNC, and looks forward to welcoming everyone to the conference in Saint John, NB in 2019!

Newfoundland and Labrador: Julia Lukewich RN, BNSc, PhD (Education)
Julia is an Assistant Professor within the School of Nursing, Memorial University (St. John's, NL). She completed her BScN and PhD in Nursing at Queen's University (Kingston, ON). Her research is focused on the integration and optimization of the registered nursing role within primary healthcare settings. Julia currently leading a national research team in the development of national family practice nursing competencies. This project involves close collaboration with CHNC, CNA, and Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association (CFPNA). Julia’s clinical experience includes emergency room and community health nursing, and she has been a member with the CHNC since 2016. Julia also serves a member of the CHNC Governance Standing Committee. 

Northwest Territories: Rebecca White RN, BSC (Public Health)
Rebecca joined the public health team in 2012.  She transferred from Stanton Territorial Hospital where she was employed as a float nurse.  Rebeca always had a strong interest in population health.  Each summer as a nursing student she worked at public health and completed her final practicum there.
Rebecca has been a school nurse on the Child and Adolescent Team (CAT) with a keen interest in sexual health.  She also has responsibilities in well child clinics, kindergarten screening and general clinics.  She has completed course through BCIT to advance her knowledge.
In 2015, she took over the challenge of Infection Control Nurse within the health region.  Rebecca returned to her public health work in 2017 and is now the lead for the CAT.

Nova Scotia: Ellen O’Brien RN, BScN, CCHN(C) (Home Health)
Ellen obtained her degree in nursing from Dalhousie University and began her nursing career in Hematology and Medical Oncology.  She began her career as a community health nurse in a national nonprofit organization on a trial basis and has never looked back.  After 14 years of community nursing Ellen has moved into Management where she promotes CHNC involvement to her staff. Ellen became a member of CHNC in 2013 and wrote her certification in 2014.  Ellen is currently the CHNC representative for Nova Scotia and chair of the certification committee.

Nunavut: Angela Luciani RN BScN MN MPHTMRotary Peace Fellow (Public Health)
Angela works in public health in Iqaluit, NU. Angela is currently working in the mining sector in Nunavut and focused on integrating public health/CHN into elements of practice and policy.
She joined CHNC in 2016 and became the NU rep; has served with the membership standing committee (2016), research & health policy (2017/18) and now governance.

Ontario: Audrey Danaher RN, MSc (Public Health)
Audrey’s career in public health in Ontario began as a public health nurse and later as a nursing supervisor.  Her work experience includes a strong background in health policy as well as teaching and project management.  Audrey has been involved in professional association work including the Executive of CHNIG and the Ontario Public Health Association. She co-chairs the Standards and Competencies Committee on the CHNC Board. Audrey currently works as a research coordinator at Ryerson University in the School of Nursing. She also works as a consultant with a focus on women’s health and well-being, writing and leading workshops about life changes and transitions. She was a founding member of the Centre of Excellence Advisory Group.

Prince Edward Island: Jillian Mosher RN, BScN (Public Health)
Jillian Mosher has been a Registered Nurse for almost 20 years and began her nursing career working in the acute care setting of pediatrics. Jillian then began working as a Clinical Nursing Instructor for the University of Prince Edward Island’s School of Nursing, providing clinical instruction in the areas of public health, pediatrics, and maternal/newborn care. In addition to clinical instruction. She provided education in the nursing skill lab and in the classroom. In more recent years Jillian had been in the role of Manager of Public Health Nursing in Charlottetown, PEI.  She is working towards completing her Masters of Nursing and enjoys any opportunity for education and professional development. 

Quebec: Catherine-Anne Miller RN, BScN (Education), MHSc
Catherine-Anne Miller est une chargée d’enseignement à l’École des Sciences Infirmières à l’Université McGill. Munie de son BScN de McGill et sa maîtrise en promotion de la santé et santé globale de l’Université de Toronto, elle enseigne majoritairement dans le domaine de la santé communautaire et globale. Son expérience clinique inclut la neuro-oncologie, les milieux ambulatoires, info-santé et le développement communautaire au Népal. Elle est la représentante pour le Québec pour le IISCC.
Catherine-Anne Miller is a faculty lecturer at the Ingram School of Nursing at McGill University, Montreal. With her BScN from McGill and her MHSc (Health Promotion and Global Health) from Dalla Lana school of Public Health, she mainly teaches in the community health curriculum. Her nursing experience includes being a CNS in neuro-oncology, working in telehealth in a CLSC, and working with Internally displaced communities in Nepal. She is the CHNC provincial representative for Quebec.

Saskatchewan: Debbie Milton RN, BScN, CCHN(C) (Public Health)
Debbie has worked as an RN ever since convocating from the University of Saskatchewan in 1993. She has been in Public Health since 1997.  Since 2004, Debbie has been a PHN Clinical Supervisor / CD Coordinator in rural Saskatchewan.  She gained her CCHN(c) certification in 2009 and still holds that designation.  As Debbie’s three boys grew and moved away from home, she found a little extra time in her evenings so joined the Board of CHNC and looked forward to some new challenges.  She served as the Board Treasurer from 2016 to 2018. Debbie says she found the 2 years as treasurer very exciting and a great learning experience, so wanted to stay involved and became the SK Rep to the CHNC and is looking forward to this term as SK provincial rep. She continues to apply her learning from her experience as Treasurer with the Finance Committee.

Yukon: Samantha Piper RN, BScN  (Home Health)
Samantha works as a Home Health nurse in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory; and is also an instructor with the Health Care Assistant program with Yukon College. She is the mother of 2 children, and her passion is the wellness of the community and Territory where she lives, works, and raises her family.  Samantha became a member of CHNC in 2017 when she learned about the work of CHNC, and how CHNC acts as a voice for community nurses across the country to promote education, recognition and leadership in groups of nurses who are often unrecognized in their role to the wellness of the population. 
Samantha attended the annual conference in 2017, and through the education and networking of the conference, returned to her work with new energy and passion.  She became the Yukon rep for CHNC in the summer of 2017. Samantha also works with the membership standing committee.