CHNC - National Nurses CHNC - National Nurses


Community Health Nurses: Leaders for a healthy Canada

Mission statement

CHNC is a national organization for community health registered nurses to advance practice and to improve the health of Canadians.

  • Represents the voices of and advocates for the role of community health nurses.
  • Serves as a Centre of Excellence for community health nursing and advances practice excellence. 
  • Creates opportunities for partnerships across sectors and networks.
  • Strengthens community health nursing leadership. 
  • Advocates for healthy public policy to address social and environmental determinants of health. 
  • Promotes a publicly funded, universal system for community health.


The Community Health Nurses of Canada (CHNC) identify the following values as ideals which help to define and guide the organization.

CHNC believes health is a human right for all Canadians and health care requires a balance of health promotion and illness care.

CHNC believes leadership is a requirement for system change and fundamental to supporting community health nursing practice.

CHNC believes in the importance of engaging the voice of all populations so they are full partners in determining approaches to health and wellness. 

Social Justice and Health Equity
CHNC believes social justice is foundational to health equity and central to community health nursing practice.