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Community Health Nursing Certification Guidebook


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Please note: This Guide is available to CHNC Members free of charge and can be accessed by signing into the Members section.
The Community Health Nursing Certification Guidebook was created as an additional resource to help candidates prepare for the Canadian Nurses Association Community Health Nursing Certification exam. The 6th edition of the Guide is aligned with the new certification exam revised in 2013. The Guide reflects the depth and diversity of CHN practice including front-line practice, education, administration, research and policy in home health, public health, primary care and school health. The Guide reinforces the top 10 reasons to become certified and describes how certification impacts practice. It includes suggested formats for organizing and facilitating effective and successful study groups, recommended reading lists and updated links to both text based and multimedia resources. With a commitment to expand access to this invaluable resource to non-members CHNC is making the Guide available to non-members for $50.00.

Free electronic copy available for members: As a CHNC member, you can log in to access this resource for free.

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