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Privacy Policy

Information CHNC gathers:     
CHNC will collect information only required for the purpose intended.  The following information may be gathered from our members and conference delegates via mail, email, website, telephone and in person:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Occupation
  • Place of Employment 
  • Interests
  • Credit card information
  • IP Address
  • User Name / Password for the Members Only forum
  • Photographic image
  • Resumes
  • Curriculum Vitae 
  • Abstracts / References
  • Conference presentations

How CHNC uses the information gathered:
CHNC uses the information gathered via phone, mail, fax, email and/or online processing to:
  • Update our database for new/renewing applications for Membership
  • Publication purchase 
  • Conference Registration
  • Enhance your visitor experience to our website
  • Review for Awards/Grants offered by the association
  • Update photos on our website.
  • Use photos in CHNC publications both on the internet and in print.
  • Review for Awards/Grants offered by the association.

Access to Your Information:
  • Personal information is accessible to the CHNC Executive Director, to your Provincial/Territorial representative with your consent, to researchers with your consent, and the website administrative support person and website provider only as required to maintain our services to you as a member. 
  • Banking/credit card information when submitted electronically is not accessible by any Board, Association Member or employee of CHNC via the website, email notification of your purchase or through any other venue. 
  • Credit card number is not visible to any employee, board member, or member at any time, unless this information is provided by the member via a telephones, mailed, faxed or emailed membership application, product order or conference registration. Once the transaction is complete the credit card information is destroyed. Personal and credit card information is safeguarded at all times. The CHNC website undergoes a monthly security assessment to ensure our credit card purchasing environment is compliant with required security measures.
  • It is our intent and goal to safeguard member information and as such, CHNC does not at any time give, trade or sell member/purchaser information to outside sources.

Photographic Images:
If you choose to upload a picture if yourself when you register as a member,  your image will appear in the member directory.
Security measures:

Website Purchases:   
To safeguard your personal information, CHNC ensures your personal information is maintained on our secure server and your credit information is not accessible to anyone within CHNC. CHNC encourages all members to clear their browser cache following a purchase via the CHNC website.

Mailed, Faxed, Emailed Purchases & Membership Registration:    
To safeguard your personal information, CHNC ensures your personal information is maintained in a secure, locked environment and your credit information is not accessible to anyone, other than the Executive Director of the Association. 

Conference Presentations:  
Presentations from Conferences will be posted in the public area of the CHNC website unless notified in writing by the presenter that the presentation may not be posted.  

Members Only User Name and Password:  
CHNC maintains a list of the current user names and contact information. Passwords are provided by the user at registration, however, members have the opportunity to change this at any time CHNC has no information about that password. CHNC has provided a safe/secure password retrieval system for members who have misplaced their passwords to ensure their user name and password are not compromised.  

Use of Website Cookies: 
CHNC’s website makes use of "cookies”, small digital files that are stored in your web browser.
Cookies are used to make it easier and convenient for users to move around the website, allowing faster access to information. Cookies are stored on your computer's hard drive.

Your browser settings may allow you to block these cookies, but CHNC recommends you have them enabled to help personalize your experience of the website. Our advertising partners may participate in the ‘audience extension’ program offered with their leaderboard advertisements on the top/bottom/side of the CHNC webpages.  The audience extension program reads the ‘behaviour’ of the visiting party and further personalizes your experience on the CHNC website and other websites you may visit. Audience extension is a common practice with digital media.  When you click on an advertisement on the CHNC website, cookies allow advertisers to keep track of how many people visited the advertisers' websites through a click or a response on the ads shown on the CHNC website. This feature helps the advertiser determine if a particular advertising campaign produced the desired results.

No information of a personal nature is available, shared, divulged or tracked with the use of cookies and/or the audience extension program.

Updated: November 2017