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Published on Monday, 24 April, 2017

The success of our organization depends upon the involvement of members in creating its future.  Please consider the opportunities below and put your name forward or encourage a colleague to do so!


Community Health Nurses of Canada (CHNC) Nominating Committee is seeking experienced, committed, skilled individuals, who are passionate about community health nursing, as nominees for the CHNC Board of Directors to lead CHNC into the future.


The Call for Nominations is for the following Director positions for two-year terms of office beginning at the time of the Annual General Meeting held in conjunction with the 12th National Community Health Nurses of Canada Conference –June 20-22, 2017


·        Executive Positions

·        President-Elect

·        Communications Officer

·        Provincial/Territorial Representatives

o    Ontario

o    Prince Edward Island

o    New Brunswick

o    Northwest Territories

o   Nova Scotia

o   Yukon


The Nominating Committee is seeking candidates with a variety of skills and experiences including but not limited to:


·        Leadership in community health nursing (formal and informal)

·        Understanding of and interest in advancing current issues in community health nursing

·        Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues across Canada

·        Ability to commit time and to serve on the CHNC Board and at least one CHNC Standing Committee

·        Specific areas of experience considered an asset include organizational governance,  financial  planning, communications, membership recruitment  & policy development



For a more complete list of responsibilities related to specific positions, please see below.


Nomination Requirements


Nominations for Director must be in writing and signed by the nominee indicating consent to be a candidate and must include 2 nominators who are CHNC members in good standing. Any CHNC member in good standing shall be eligible to be nominated for the office of Director.


The nomination form must be accompanied by a brief description of the candidate’s skills and experience (maximum 1 page) and signatures of the nominee and nominators.  The brief description of candidate’s skills and experience may be published in communications to members.


Nomination papers must be received by the Executive Director, addressed to the Nominating Committee. All nominations received up to and including the time of the AGM will be announced at the Annual General Meeting


Nominations must be addressed to the Nominating Committee and

received by the CHNC Executive Director @

Community Health Nurses of Canada

632 Hugel Avenue,

Midland, ON L4R 1W7





President-Elect: The duties of the President-Elect shall be such as may be assigned by the Board of Directors and in the absence of the President; the President-Elect shall perform the President’s duties.

Communications Officer: The CHNC Board Communications Officer serves as a member of the CHNC Executive Committee and facilitates internal & external communication, ensures the CHNC website and social media are current & updated as appropriate and assists with the organization of promotional activities to increase the visibility and profile of CHNs.  The Communications Officer chairs the Communications Standing Committee who oversee management of the CHNC website, publishing of Great Big News, the electronic newsletter, facilitate the design, production & dissemination of promotional materials, and monitor organization communication strategies, including assisting with the development of external media releases. 

Provincial/Territorial Representatives: Provincial/Territorial Representatives are the official liaison between the Corporation and their Nursing Association Provincial/ Territorial Community Health Nursing Group and/or community health nurses in their jurisdiction. They will act as ambassadors for Corporation, be in regular communication with community health nurses in their jurisdiction, inform the Board of Directors of trends and issues in their jurisdiction and prepare an annual, typed report to be presented at the Annual Meeting.


Notice of Annual General Meeting and Call for Resolutions
Published on Saturday, 8 April, 2017

Notice of Community Health Nurses of Canada – Annual General Meeting


The Community Health Nurses of Canada (CHNC) will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 in conjunction with 12th National Community Health Nurses Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario.


Call for resolutions

Please submit any resolutions on or before 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time May 20, 2017 to the Governance Standing Committee at   For Resolution Guidelines click here.

Release of Arabic Maternal and Child Health Resources
Published on Wednesday, 26 April, 2017

The Public Health Agency of Canada, in collaboration with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, is happy to launch a collection of evidence-based maternal and child health related resources that have been translated into Arabic. The materials are translations of resources that are available in English and French and well utilized across Canada.

The documents are intended for prenatal women and families with young children who read Arabic. Topics include prenatal care, breastfeeding, child health and safety, nutrition, behaviour, early child development and parental coping skills.

Please find attached a list and description of each resource in English and French. The documents are only available electronically and can be accessed by sending a request to DCA.public.inquiries@phac-

Advance Care Planning Day - April 16, 2017
Published on Monday, 10 April, 2017

National Advance Care Planning Day on April 16th …………Promote, Proclaim and Participate!!!

National Advance Care Planning (ACP) day is coming up on April 16th 2017 and this message comes to you as nurses who are actively involved in quality patient care across all sectors to encourage your engagement to highlight ACP in general and ACP Day in your professional and personal lives. Our ACP Day 2017 campaign theme is "My Community” which is focused on reminding individuals to think about the people in their community and suggest ways to have conversations and decide on a Substitute Decision Maker. Community is made when we help others and when we can depend on them to help us. Who do we help and who do we depend on to help us when we can’t make decisions for ourselves? Visit  for more information and resources.

Invitation - Genomics Survey for PHNs
Published on Friday, 7 April, 2017

Assessing the Genomics "Readiness" of

Canadian Public Health Nurses


All Canadian public health nurses are invited to participate in this national survey to assess their knowledge, attitudes and training needs regarding genomics in public health. Canadian public health physicians and epidemiologists are also invited to participate.


This anonymous online survey is 24 questions long and takes approx. 10 minutes to complete. Questions have been adapted from a similar survey conducted with the Italian public health workforce (Marzuillo et al., 2014). Survey results will guide professional development activities for Canadian public health practitioners.


Survey link:


For full study and consent information please follow the survey link, or contact Ross Graham at or 1-250-370-8462. Thank you!


Study Team:

Ross Graham MSc, School of Public Administration, University of Victoria

Rebecca Warburton PhD, School of Public Administration, University of Victoria

Laura Arbour MD MSc FRCPC FCCMG, University of British Columbia & University of Victoria

Funding Opportunity - Remote Consultation
Published on Monday, 3 April, 2017

The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, in partnership with the College of Family Physicians of Canada, Canada Health Infoway and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, has recently launched a call for applications for our Connected Medicine 15-month collaborative focused on spreading and scaling remote consultation.


Remote consultation is a provider-to-provider advice and communication model through an electronic (eConsult), telephone and/or mobile application (app) platform to facilitate communication between healthcare providers about patient care. Using remote consultation, primary care clinicians and specialists can communicate with each other at times that are convenient to their professional schedules. As a result, patients have more convenient access to specialists, shorter waits, less travel, and improved continuity of care. At the systems level, remote consultation can provide appropriate care at a lower cost by reducing the need for in-person specialist appointments. 


The collaborative includes a funding opportunity for successful teams (up to $600,000 shared between up to 15 teams). We are accepting applications until May 4, 2017.


For more information please visit our website, or view a recording of the recent informational webinar about the collaborative.

Stop Marketing to Kids Campaign Update
Published on Tuesday, 28 March, 2017

One Year Since Coalition Launch!

It’s been one year since the Stop M2K Coalition was launched on February 24, 2016. Thanks in large part to your endorsement of the Stop M2K Coalition’s policy recommendation, The Ottawa Principles, we have made huge strides towards robust M2K legislation in Canada. We have many milestones and achievements to celebrate!


The Heart and Stroke Foundation’s annual Report on the Health of Canadians unveiled groundbreaking research on internet food and beverage marketing to kids in Canada.

The report revealed that the food and beverage industry is marketing our children and youth to death.

  • Collectively, Canadian kids (ages 2-11) see 25 million food and beverage ads a year on their 10 top favourite websites.  
  • The top five products marketed to children online are Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts, Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, McDonald's Happy Meals, Red Bull Energy Drink, and Kraft Lunchables. 
  • The top five products marketed to teens online are Kellogg's Pop-Tarts, Kellogg's Froot Loops, Red Bull Energy Drink, Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, and Tim Hortons’ Roll Up the Rim to Win.

The deadline for sending your intent to submit forms has been extended to March 17, 2017. We would really like to hear from you! Read on for the details.
Published on Wednesday, 8 March, 2017

What's Your Story? Deadline Extended


Intention to Submit Deadline Extended to March 17, 2017


What’s Your Story?

Oh, the stories community health nurses have to tell!  Every nurse has encountered memorable situations and circumstances in the course of her/his work in the community.  In recognition of the 30th anniversary of the Community Health Nurses Association of Canada, CHNC is undertaking publication of a compilation of community nursing stories.  Here is your opportunity to share your favorite highlight from your nursing practice:

·       Think of a situation where you experienced success or felt great satisfaction. 

·       Or one that led to significant learning (in other words maybe one that didn’t go so well but you sure learned a lot!).

·       A time when you learned something about yourself or the value of your nursing presence. Your client may have acknowledged the impact of your efforts in working with him/her/them

·       It might be a serious or a humorous situation that you particularly recall as memorable.

·       Were there particular working conditions that you would like to tell about?

·       Perhaps there is a nurse who inspired you or mentored you and you would like to share that experience. 

·       Or a student experience in learning about community health nursing?


Community Health Nurses are invited to submit written stories, anecdotes, poems or other creative expressions (e.g. drawing) that capture nursing stories from your experience as a nurse in community health.  Current members of CHNC will be given priority in selection for publication. (Now is a good time to join or renew your membership in CHNC if you have not yet done so.) 


Submissions will be accepted in English and French.  Pictures (with appropriate permissions) may be included for consideration; any photos, pictures or graphics will be produced in black and white only in the publication.


Joint authorship with another Community Health Nurse is acceptable where appropriate to the situation.


Deadline to indicate your intent to submit: March 17, 2017 by completing the required form and sending it to . Title the email: Intent to Submit Form.


Deadline for submission of your contribution: April 14, 2017 by email to Title the email Publication Submission.


CHNC Publication Submission Details:


Length: no minimum, maximum 2500 words (about 5 pages). Anecdotes, poems or other creative expressions (e.g. drawing)are encouraged as well as longer stories.


The Submission:

1)    Description of the context of the situation, what was the situation or problem being addressed, what skills and knowledge you used. Tell your story as though you were speaking to someone about it - make what is memorable to you come alive!


While maintaining confidentiality regarding clients in reflecting the details of the situation, location etc.,the submission should convey:

·       Who were you interacting with?

·       What were you doing?

·       Where were you?

·       When did this happen (if it is important to the story)?

·       Why were you doing this?

·       How did you engage in the situation?

·       What were you feeling? 

·       How did other people in the situation respond?

·       What were others in the situation doing/ feeling?  Convey the emotions involved by yourself and the other people (clients)

·       What were the conversations - set out as quotes (paraphrased or recreated to represent what actually happened even though you may not recall the exact words used)

·       What did you learn from this situation?


A potential site to visit for ideas on how to approach your story can be found here:


2)    Include a short bio up to 50 words


3)    Style:  Use Arial font 11 pt. Margins of one inch on page and submit in a Word document not pdf.


Assessing Submissions:

An editorial board has been established to assess and provide editing of submissions.

Submissions will be assessed for:

·       Quality of writing, presentation of the story

·       A range of CHN work in different settings to reflect the variety that is community health nursing work

·       Range of knowledge and skills applied in the situation

·       Cross country representation

·       Submitter(s) membership in CHNC.


All submissions will be subject to editing and requested changes must be made in a timely manner; submission does not guarantee inclusion in the publication. 


Authors whose submissions are accepted for publication must sign a consent for publication and agree to grant first rights copyright permission to CHNC.  Materials may not have been published previously in any form and is not currently under consideration by any other publication.


Intent to Submit Form Due: March 17, 2017 by email to

Submission for Publication Due: April 14, 2017 by email to


Published on Sunday, 26 February, 2017

** Le français suit l’anglais **


Induction Committee Chair: Dr. Michael J. Strong
Dean, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University

Deadline for the 2018 Induction:  Monday, June 26, 2017

Canadian Medical Hall of Fame laureate nominees are role models to Canadians for their work in furthering health in Canada and the world or for an achievement developed significantly during a period of residency in Canada.

Their outstanding contributions to medicine and the health sciences have led to extraordinary improvements in human health.

Their work may be a single meritorious contribution or a lifetime of superior accomplishments. Pioneers in their field, they are role models who inspire young Canadians to pursue careers in the health sciences.

The CMHF acknowledges health leadership to be inclusive of many professions and roles including physicians, nurses, researchers, dentists, pharmacists, policy makers - to name only a few. Nominations of Canadian individuals who meet the criteria from the many aspects of health are encouraged.
Canadian Citizens from across health professions may be recognized for their work in one or more of the following categories:
A.  Leadership in building excellence in health for Canadians and the world      
B.  Leadership in health promotion, illness prevention and care             
C.  Leadership in research with national and international recognition for a 
     scientific contribution     

Up to six individuals may be selected for induction annually. Posthumous nominations are accepted, however only one individual may be inducted posthumously each year.
For more information about our nomination process, visit
 For tips on how to create a compelling nomination, CLICK HERE


LE 12 AVRIL 2018 | LONDON (ONT.)  
Président du Comité d’investiture : Docteur Michael J. Strong
Doyen de l’École Schulich de médecine et d’art dentaire, Université Western

Échéance pour l’investiture 2018 : le lundi 26 juin 2017

Les candidats à l’intronisation au Temple de la renommée médicale canadienne (TRMC) sont des citoyens canadiens dont le travail exemplaire a fait avancer la santé au Canada et dans le monde ou des personnes dont les réalisations ont progressé substantiellement au cours d’une période où elles habitaient au Canada.

Les contributions exceptionnelles des candidats en médecine et en sciences de la santé ont donné lieu à des améliorations extraordinaires de la santé humaine.

Le travail des candidats peut prendre la forme d’une seule contribution méritoire ou d’une vie entière de réalisations exceptionnelles. Par leur exemple, ces pionniers dans leur domaine sont une source d’inspiration pour les jeunes Canadiennes et Canadiens qui songent à faire carrière en sciences de la santé.
Le TRMC juge que le leadership dans le secteur de la santé est exercé dans une grande diversité de rôles et par les membres de nombreuses professions, y compris les médecins, les infirmières, les chercheurs, les dentistes, les pharmaciens et les décideurs, pour n’en citer que quelques-unes. Le TRMC encourage la mise en candidature de personnes des divers milieux de la santé qui répondent aux critères.

Les citoyens canadiens de toutes les professions du secteur de la santé pourront être reconnus pour leur travail dans une ou plusieurs des catégories suivantes :
A.  Leadership favorisant l’excellence en santé au Canada et dans le monde.
B.  Leadership en promotion de la santé, prévention des maladies et prestation
     des soins. 
C.  Leadership en recherche avec reconnaissance nationale et internationale d’une 
     contribution scientifique.
Chaque année, le TRMC peut choisir jusqu’à six nouveaux lauréats. Les candidatures à titre posthume sont acceptées, mais un seul lauréat sera choisi chaque année dans ce groupe.

Pour obtenir plus de renseignements au sujet du mécanisme de mise en candidature, veuillez consulter le site
Veuillez CLIQUER ICI pour connaître les éléments essentiels d’une mise en candidature concluante.

Information on 2017 Awards Now Available
Published on Thursday, 16 February, 2017

Information on submitting applications for the 2017 awards is now available.  Members can log-in to access the application forms on the Awards & Grants page located under the About tab.
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