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The Road to Wellness

Gerry Oleman, Cultural Advisor, Elder, Workshop Facilitator

Community health nurses are caregivers in a practice with many stressors – supporting the needs of clients, families and communities in an autonomous practice while balancing home and family life.   This can take a toll on our mind, body and spirit.   Gerry will focus on wellness of community health nurses – how we have been shaped by our work and how experiences can impact our mind, body and spirit as workers for the people.  With this understanding, community health nurses can make changes in how we live including seeking healing for trauma or vicarious trauma.  Ultimately, this will lead to feeling comfortable in our own skins and being a healthy role model for our families and the people we serve.


About the speaker...

Gerry Oleman, a St’atc’imc from Shalalth British Columbia, has worked as a Human Service worker since 1976 in the following areas:  addictions, cross-cultural education, student success and motivation, post trauma, sexual and physical abuse.  Gerry also has served as a content expert in program development and also for six documentary films including award winning "A Century of Genocide in the Americas:  The residential school experience”.   Now an Elder Gerry has an active consulting practice as a Cultural Advisor, Elder, Workshop Facilitator and as a Conference Resource primarily in Health Care and Education.