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What is the Community Health Nurses of Canada (CHNC)?

CHNC, an associate member of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), is a voluntary association of community health nurses consisting of community health nurses and provincial/territorial community health nursing interest groups.

CHNC provides a unified national voice to represent and promote community health nursing and the health of communities.

CHNC provides a forum for community health nurses across Canada to share issues of mutual concern and to communicate through meetings and national publications.

CHNC monitors trends and issues in community health nursing and identifies and responds to issues of interest and concern which affect all community health nurses across Canada.

CHNC represents the view of CHNC to the Canadian Nurses Association.

CHNC is a leader in the development of discipline-specific standards of practice, core competencies, and a community health nursing certification process. These activities have led to a greater understanding of community health nursing and will increase the knowledge and ability of community health nurses and nursing students in Canada.

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