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Presentations 2015

  • Integrating the Entry-to-Practice Public Health Nursing Competencies for Undergraduate Nursing Education
  • Influences on Public Health Nursing Practice: Clarity for the Practitioner and Employer
  • The Self/Family Managed Care Program: A Unique Option for Home Care Delivery
  • School - Community Partnerships Moving Knowledge to Action: Relevance and Implications for Community Health Nurses
  • Antenatal Home Care Program postpartum hypertension follow up: a description of service delivery and a retrospective descriptive look at gestational hypertension in the postpartum.
  • Creating Exceptional Client Experience: Back to our Roots
  • Primary prevention through student's projects with vulnerable populations
  • Innovative Leadership: Students, faculty and regional health authority build interprofessional collaboration to enhance influenza immunization program.
  • Mi’kmaw Youth Mental Health:   Community Based Participatory Research
  • Community Partnerships: Gateway to Promote Healthier Communities
  • Strengthening Maternal Child Health in Nunavut
  • Enhancing Collaborative Relationships between Public Health and Primary Care Practitioners
  • Innovative Community Placements for Third Year Nursing Students
  • Strengthening the Capacity of CHNs to Advocate for Social Justice and Policy Change to Reduce Inequities in Health
  • Best Practice Recommendations for Canadian Harm Reduction Programs that Provide Service to People Who Use Drugs and are at Risk for HIV, HCV, and Other Harms – Part 2: Service models, referrals for services and relationships with law enforcement.
  • Enabling Full Scope of Practice of Home Care Nurses in Winnipeg through an Innovative New Model of Nursing Care Delivery
  • Advancing best practice knowledge through an innovative partnership and mentorship strategy
  • The Palliative Performance Scale (v2) use in palliative care in a community setting
  • Is online learning an effective way to build capacity for evidence-informed decision making?
  • Bad Ways To Be Nice(BWTBN)
  • Panorama Immunization Forecaster - Improving Immunization Coverage
  • Public Health Nursing practice and outcomes for vulnerable perinatal women: An integrative literature review
  • Embedding Learning into Community Health Practice
  • Learning: A Key Component to a Successful Organization
  • Connecting the Dots between Community, Mental Health, and Leadership
  • Think before you drive – reducing the risk of violence while transporting clients in the community
  • Making assumptions about community healthcare workers’ understanding of how to work safely with persons living with dementia
  • The Primacy of Relationships in Public Health Nursing Practice
  • Alice in Wonderland – The Adventures in Partnerships
  • Ideals of Community Health: Our Daily Bread, or Pie-in-the-Sky?
  • Rural Linguistic Minority Voice: Vision, Vitality and Equity
  • Bridging the Job Preparedness Gap for Care Providers in the Community Sector
  • Facilitating change to promote health equity: A workshop about workshops
  • Using a Common Framework for Community Health Nursing Practice in Undergraduate Nursing Education
  • Partners in Inner-City Integrated Prenatal Care (PIIPC): A social marketing initiative to increase awareness of the importance of prenatal care and where to access care among Winnipeg’s inner-city women.
  • Prenatal Street Outreach: Transformation in Healthy Sexuality and Harm Reduction Services Through Partners in Inner-City Integrated Prenatal Care (PIIPC).
  • Leadership for health equity: What contributes?
  • Let’s discuss strategies for advocacy!
  • Descriptive Analysis of an Active Tuberculosis Investigation in an Urban Congregate Setting: Case Studies for Policy Consideration
  • Notifiable Disease Reporting in Canada - Online Resources and an Exploration into the Past, Present and Future of National Notifiable Disease Policy and Data
  • Youville Community Health Centre’s Ask a Nurse program: a unique nurse run walk in clinic
  • The Wellness Planner: A Community Health Intervention
  • Bridging Theory and Practice: Constructing Supportive Pillars for Novice Public Health Nurses
  • Identifying and Addressing Risky Drinking and Depression through Community Health Settings
  • Engaging Intersectoral Partnerships in Youth Mental Health Promotion: The Role of Public Health Nurses
  • Manitoba nursing and medical program collaboration for an international community health student experience
  • Leadership and Social Responsibility in Nursing: Helping new graduates take an upstream approach - is it possible?
  • Recognize the Value of Community Health Nurses: Shifting the Paradigm
  • McMaster Optimal Aging Portal: A one stop shop to find out how to age optimally
  • Lessons from Website Analysis: Learning the value of referred visitors and social media
  • Not Just What You Click, but Why: Integrating E-Documentation Education in Home Care Nursing
  • Optimizing the Public Health Nursing Workforce through an Innovative Recruitment Strategy
  • How do Public Health Nurses in Northern British Columbia Experience Interprofessional Collaboration with their Community’s Primary Care Providers?