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CHNC 2013 Annual Conference

Conference presentations:
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Monday June 17/ Lundi 17 juin
 Event/ Événement
 9:00 am - 12:00 pm  101: Health Equity: Implications for Community Health Nursing Practice Presented By: National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health
   102: Canadian Diabetes Association 2008 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Diabetes in Canada
   103: Dynamic Continuing Education for the 21st Century: Skills Online
   104: Inspired to Lead: a Centre of Excellence in Community Health Nursing
 1:30pm -      4:30pm  201: Thinking about Childhood, Lessons from Children: Aboriginal Early Childhood as a Determinant of Health and the Creative Arts of Community Health Care
   202: Influencing Healthy Public Policy: Building Capacity in Community Health Nurses
   203: CNA Certification: Care to be the Best. Your opportunity to Optimize Community
    204: Nursing Informatics: Introduction and Current Issues for Community Nursing
Tuesday June 18/ Mardi 18 juin

A CNA Policy Paper: Optimizing the Role of Home Health Nurses for the First Steps in Change

First Hand Experience: Implementing Best Practice in Home Health Care

Plagiocephaly in Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Incidence, Risk Factors and Prevention Messaging
The Alberta Vulnerable Infant Response Team – A Collaborative Model for Responding to Infants at Risk for Abuse
Building Capacity for Public Health Nursing Education and Practice: A Participatory Inquiry Into Best Practices and Exemplars

Blueprint for Action: Advancing the Community Health Nurses in a Leadership Approach working with the First Nations Communities


‘Know What’s In Your Mouth’ Chew Tobacco Awareness Campaign - A Health Unit/Youth Collaboration Project

Giving Youth a Voice with Photovoice

Supporting Public Health Leadership for Health Equity

Navigating Through the Quagmire of Bureaucracy: Nurses Advancing the Organization

Breakout Sessions 6/Réunions en petits groupes 6
Addressing Non-Communicable Diseases In Home Health

Exploring Health Care Professionals Perspectives - Screening for Prediabetes Using the CANRISK Tool
Building Competencies in CHN Scope of Practice in Nursing Education

Incorporating the Social Determinants Of Health in Nursing Care for Young Single Pregnant Women

The Interior Health Prenatal Registry: Innovative Approach to Connecting with Pregnant Women to Promote a Healthy Pregnancy
Keynote Address
Colleen Varcoe, RN, PhD
Professor, University of British Columbia School of Nursing
Breakout Sessions 1/Réunions en petits groupes 1
Integreated Interprofessional Care for High Emergency Department Users in Vancouver's Dowtown Eastside

Prescription for Community Empowerment: Expanding the role of Public Health Nurses in Overdose Response
Chief Nursing Officers At the Crossroads- Will We Seize the Day?

Informing and Inspiring Nursing Practice Leadership in Public Health Units
Disaster Preparedness and Response: Hands on Training for Senior Level Nursing Students

Pop Culture in the Classroom: Inspiring Students to take Action Against Intimate Partner Violence
Reaching for STARSS and Higher Addressing Tobacco Use and Reducing Tobacco Exposure
Building Capacity for Ethical Practice & Supporting Resiliency in Community Health Nursing

What is Needed to Actualize the Blueprint for Action? Insights from a Participatory Action Research Team in Public Health Nursing

Increasing CHN Capacity- Using Community Health Nursing Experiences to Illustrate the Standards and Practice Mode

Breakout Sessions 2/ Réunions en petits groupes 2
Diabetes At School: A Collaborative Approach

Using Your Voice: Political Action 101

The Challenges of Advocacy
Enhancing the Canadian Best Practices Portal
Telehealth Skills for Public Health Nurses: Creating CHN capacity through resource and 
education for advancing quality of care

Nursing Associations - A Vehicle Through Which Community Health Nurses Can Take Political Action for Community Environmental Health

Redefining Our Impossible: Innovations in Community Health Clinical Education

Keynote Address
Gaye Hanson, R.N., B.Sc.N., M.P.A.
President, Hanson and Associates
Whitehorse, Yukon

A Case Study of a Province-wide Public Health Policy Implementation: The Ontario Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Public Health Nurse positions

Learning Together: Using a Learning Circle as a Collaborative and Reflective Tool to Integrate Health Equity Into Population Health Status Reporting Practice


Public Health Nurses Address Practice & Capacity Challenges in Child Health Clinics through Action Research

A New Look at an Old Theme: Parenting Styles Revisited

Organizational Capacity for Effective Harm Reduction Programming: An Interactive Session Employing the OC-PHEA Conceptual Framework

Medicating Young Children For Pain or Fever: What Parents Do

Reconceptualizing ‘Neighbourhood as Community’: Innovation in Student Placement Settings

Public Health Nurse Service Delivery: Development of a New Model using Participatory Action Research

Let's Get Cookin' (L.G.C.) Program

Plagiocephaly Assessment Tools: Which One is Best for You?

Cultural Similarities in Childhood Obesity

Quality, readability and source of frequently found web-based resources about emergency contraception

The Collaborative Partnership Leadership Model; Advancing Health Promotion in Quebec Schools.

Exemplary Model of Inter-Professional Education and Collaboration for Optimal Wound Management Approaches in Community and Homecare Sector

Factors Contributing to Confidence in Using Community/Public Health Nursing Skills

Colorectal Cancer Screening Behaviors in South Asian Immigrants: A Mixed Method Exploratory Design

Child Health Clinic - Quality Improvement Project
Breakout Sessions 3/Réunions en petits groupes 3

eShift – An Innovative Approach to Providing Nursing Care in the Community Through the Use of Technology Building an Electronic Health Record-Facilitating Nurse Engagement and Excitement about the Practice Change
The Experience of Food Insecurity for Rural, Low Income Families in Southern Ontario Ellen

Journeys to the Food Bank: Postsecondary Student Food Insecurity – A Concern for Community Health Nurses
Action Through Research: Improving Public Health Nursing Action On Health Inequities
The Primacy of Relationship in Public Health Nursing Practice
Community Engagement and the Social Determinants of Health: Exploring the Practice and Evidence
Canadian Public Health Nurses' Job Satisfaction

Building Healthy Communities Using a Community Development Approach

Creating Access to Screening and Training in the Living Environment

Setting the Stage for Success in Community Health Nursing

A Home Visiting Program- Can we Effect the Social Determinants of Health With an Equity and Social Justice Focus

Maximizing the Contributions of Public Health Nurses in Schools Through Advocacy and Policies for System Transformation

Breakout Sessions 4/Réunions en petits groupes 4

BreatheWELL at Home: An Example of Interprofesional and Health Care Sector 
Collaboration in the Promotion of COPD self-management
Vulnerable Populations Learning Pathway For PHNs - Supporting Health Equity in Nursing Practice 

Building Workforce Capacity: Strengthening the Impact of Skills Online
The Integrated Medication Management Program in Vancouver Community

Influence and Inspire: Collaborative Partnerships to Mobilize Canadians to Help Seniors at Risk


For Whom "The Bell” tolls? Opportunities for Harm Reduction

Health Equity Clicks: An Online Community for Sharing Ideas & Practices to Advance Health Equity
Wednesday June 19th/ Mercredi 19 juin
Keynote Address
Josephine Etowa PhD RN
Associate Professor, Loyer-DaSilva Research Chair in Public Health Nursing, 
University of Ottawa, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Nursing
Breakout Sessions 5/Réunions en petits groupes 5
Mothers’ Perceptions of Breastfeeding Support Offered by Nurses

Building Public Health Nurses Capacity throughout the Baby-Friendly Initiative Journey

Public Health Nursing within the current climate of Health Care: A Collection of Voices from the Front Line

Breakout Sessions 7/Réunions en petits groupes 7

Advancing and Informing National Perspectives on Home Health Nursing Competencies  Through Virtual Focus Groups