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CHNC 2012 Annual Conference

Conference presentations:

Monday May 14/ Lundi 14 mai

 Time/Heure  Event/ Événement
 9:00 am - 12:00 pm  100: Building Public Health Leadership to Advance Health Equity
   101: Methods and Tools to Support the Use of Evidence in Nursing Practice
 102: Addressing Chronic Diseases: A Social Determinants of Health Focus
   103: Leading the Way: Renewing the Vision and Strategic Plan for
Community Health Nurses of Canada
 1:30pm -      4:30pm  201: Housing and Health: How can Community Health Nurses intervene?
   202: Community Health Nursing: Moving Standards, Certification and Practice Model Forward
   203: Building Leadership Capacity of Nurses Coming into Home Health Care

Tuesday May 15/ Mardi 15 mai

 Time/ Heure  Event/ Événement
 10:30  am –  11:30  am   Breakout Sessions 1/Réunions en petits groupes 1
 Community Nursing Leadership Skills for Senior Level Nursing Students

 Let's Engage Community Health Nurses in Community Health Nursing Education!
 C1  The Journey Towards an Integrated System of Emergency Preparedness – A Rural Public Health Unit's Experience
 D1  Collaborative Research on Caregivers and End of Life Care in a Small Community

 The Power of Data and Information to Change Care Delivery
 E1  Knowledge to Action: Evidence Informed Practice in Public Health Nursing

 Knowledge to Practice: Enhancing Management Decision Making in the Community
 F1  Examining Impact of Client, Nurse and System Factors that Influence Best Practice Use in Community Health Settings

 Building Nursing Capacity to Integrate Smoking Cessation into Daily Practice: An Evaluation of a Provincial and National Program Leadership Role of Public Health Nurses in Smoking Cessation
 Restructuring Community Health Placement Hours in an Undergraduate Nursing Program

 Enhancing Teaching Effectiveness Through Practice: Reflections of an Experienced CHN Educator
 H1  Networking Café/ Café-réseau

 11:45  am –  12:45  pm  Breakout Sessions 2/ Réunions en petits groupes 2
 A2  Building a Sustainable Nursing Workforce in Home Care


 C2  Learning About Domestic Violence: Nursing Student Reflections

 D2  What Do Public Health Nurses Do?
 E2  Development of a Rural Health Framework and Application for Program Service Planning and Delivery

 F2  Enhancing the Role of School Health Nursing Through the Use of Remote Technology

 Evaluation of School-Based Public Health Nurse Individual Services: Nurses Influencing the Social Determinants of Health
 Service Preferences of Homeless Youth With Mental Illness: Housing First, Treatment First, Or Both Together

 A Work in Progress: Sex, Gender and Place: Understanding Aboriginal Youth Experience with Access to Sexual Health Services and HIV/STI Testing

 Raising Health Awareness in Aboriginal Communities First Nations COPD Care-Innovative Approaches to Knowledge Sharing
Networking Café/ Café-réseau 

 2:00  pm–
 Breakout Sessions 3/Réunions en petits groupes 3
 A3  "Steps to Wellness": A Best Practice Guide for Nurses Supporting Women with PPD and Anxiety

 "Walking on Eggshells": The Transition to Parenthood for First-time Fathers Whose Partners Have Postpartum Depression
 B3  The Chief Nursing Officer Initiative – Building Public Health Nursing Leadership Capacity in Ontario

 Wisdom to Action: Building Leadership Capacity to Inspire Excellence in Public Health Nursing Practice
 C3  Collective Empowerment and Capacity Building through Critical Community-Based Action Research: Evidence from Ten Years of Community Efforts
 D3  Transforming Home Health Care Nursing Practice: Leveraging Technology, Ensuring Sustainability and Impacting Client Outcomes

 The Lower leg Assessment: Impacts for the Client with a Venous Leg Ulcer (VLU) or a Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU)
 E3   Client-Provider Relationships in a Community Health Clinic for People who are Experiencing Homelessness

 Poverty and Mental Illness
 F3  Innovation in Community Clinical Nursing Education Bringing Political Action and Advocacy into the Curriculum
 G3  Safe Sleep: A Collaboration between the Research, Practitioner, and Policy Communities (Part 1)

 H3  Networking Café/ Café-réseau 
 Medication Reconciliation in Home Care: Supporting Change in Practice for Client Safety
 3:30 pm  – 4:30  pm  Breakout Sessions 4/Réunions en petits groupes 4
 A4  Social Support and Online Postpartum Depression Discussion Groups: A Content Analysis

 B4  Building Capacity for Certified Diabetes Educators through a National "Virtual CDE Study Group"

 C4  The Development of a Comprehensive Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Strategy

 D4  Inspiring Nursing Students to Create Change: Influencing Health, Equity and Social Justice

 Innovative Nursing Student Placements With Vulnerable Populations
 E4  "Let's Grow...Together" Delivery of a Health Promotion Program to Gen Y

 F4  Primary Care and Public Health Collaboration: Lessons Learned to Make Collaboration Work

 G4  Creating an Environment Of Safety For Patients Receiving Intraspinal Analgesia For Pain Management At Home

 S.T.O.P. : A Falls Prevention Practice
 H4  Networking Café/ Café-réseau 
 Building Community Health Nursing Capacity for Intersectoral Action To Advance Health EquityEnhancing Scope of Practice in Models of Care for Community Health Nursing 


Wednesday May 16th/ Mercredi 16 mai

 Time/ Heure  Event/ Événement
 10:15 am –  11:15am   Breakout Sessions 5/Réunions en petits groupes 5
 Using Social Media to Motivate Behaviour Change-- Don't Quit Quitting
 B5  Building Sustainable Capacity among Immigrant Communities: Lessons From A 10 Year Old Peer-To-Peer Parent Leadership Training Program in Toronto

 C5  OUTreach/INreach: A Nurse Led Primary Care Outreach Service Model to the Most Marginalized

 Community Health Centre Nursing: Bringing Primary Health Care to Life
 D5  Using Pearson's Neighbourhood to Transform Community-Based Health Care Education

 Naming Our Practice: An Innovative Approach to Sharing Wisdom Between Generations
 E5  A Community Strategy to Impact Adolescent Breastfeeding Experiences

 System Level Changes to Strengthen Integrated and Shared Care through the Balance of Care Initiative
 G5  Understanding Addiction - The First Step to Recovery
 H5  Networking Café/ Café-réseau
 11:30 am – 12:30 pm  Breakout Sessions 6/Réunions en petits groupes 6
 A6  Building Capacity: Engagement, Empowerment and Enthusiasm

 B6  Transforming Youth Voices into Resources for the Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections

 C6  Breastfeeding and Socioeconomic Status My Journey of Carrying a Baby: South Asian Women's Pregnancy Experiences and Use of Canadian Prenatal Health Services
 D6  Relational Ethics in Public Health Nursing Practice

 E6  Student Perception of Racial Discrimination in Clinical Nursing Education: Using Forum Theater as a Tool of Collective Deliberation

 Antibiotic Resistance: Collaborative Community Actions Today Preventing "Bugs" Tomorrow
 F6  A Strategy for Standardization of Continence Clinical Practice in Home Care 

 Shaping the Care of the Older Adult in Crisis: Wisdom in Action
 G6  Asset Legacy Project: A Community-based Initiative to Enhance Community Wellness

 The Community Health of A Mining Affected Indigenous Community In Rural Guatemala
Networking Café/ Café-réseau
Reconstructing the Notion of a Good Citizen: Opening Space to Dialogue on Immigrant Women's Activism as a Feature of Mental Health Promotion