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CHNC 2011 Annual Conference

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Conference presentations:

Monday May 16/ Lundi 16 mai

 Time/ Heure  Event/ Événement
 10:30 am – 11:30 am   Breakout Sessions 1/Réunions en petits groupes 1
 State of the Science On HVP Infection and the Pap Test, Attitudes and Willingness of Young Women to Get a Pap Tests
 B1  Workforce Development: Community Health Nursing Education: Making it Meaningful for Nursing Practice

 Sustainable CHN Simulations: Engaging Senior Students
 C1  Healthier Schools, Healthier Students


 E1  When Resources Are Limited: Creating A New Model Of Care For Low Risk Postpartum Families

 F1  Improving Outcomes for Children & Families: System Re-engineering

 I1  Creating Leadership Today for Tomorrow: An Innovative Approach to Succession Planning

 G1  Networking Café/ Café-réseau
 H1  Round Table Discussions/ Discussions en table ronde
 The Use of Audiovisual Resources in the Teaching of Community Health Nursing

 Alcohol Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral: An Online Primary Care Resource For Helping Patients Who Drink Beyond Low-Risk Levels

 Enhancing Clinical Education for Community Health Nursing
 11:45 am – 12:45 pm  Breakout Sessions 2/ Réunions en petits groupes 2

 B2  Professional Development and Lifelong Learning Strategies for PHNs

 C2  The Power of Developmental Assets to Enhance Community Wellness

 D2  Caregiving Relationships with Homeless Clients: Why Every Nurse Should be a Political Activist

 E2  Qualitative Exploration of the Experiences of Immigrant Women Who Have Accessed Breast Health and Screening Through Hamilton’s Women’s Health Educator Program

 Older Women’s Perceptions of and Responses to Abuse and Neglect in the Post-Migration Context
 F2  Competent for Community Practice? Undergraduate Nursing Students Application of the Community Health Nurses of Canada Standards of Practice 

 G2  Networking Café/ Café-réseau 
 2:00 pm– 
 Breakout Sessions 3/Réunions en petits groupes 3
 A3  CHN Certification: Striving for Excellence 
 B3  Seeing Results: Front Line Nursing Reports for Community Nurses 
 C3  Health Emergency Management in a Post Pandemic Era: Lessons Learned from H1N1 

 D3  Sociopolitical Knowledge and Skills to Achieve Health Equity 
 Take Social Justice Serious: What Does This Mean for Community Health Nursing? 
 F3  Enhancing Access and Equity for LGBTQ Communities in the Home Care Sector: A User-Friendly Framework for Provider Agencies 
 G3  Networking Café/ Café-réseau 
 Building the Blocks: Public Health Human Resources in Canada 
 3:30 pm –  4:30 pm  Breakout Sessions 4/Réunions en petits groupes 4
 A4  Bridging the Gap: An Evaluation of a Peer Mentorship Program 
 B4  Peel Public Health's eLearning Prenatal Program: Learning about Pregnancy and Birth Just Got Easier! 

 Perinatal Mood Disorder Resource Package: Impact on Primary Care Providers' Attitudes and Practices
 C4  Multidisciplinary Approch to Helping Newcomers Adapt to the Canadian Health Care System

 D4  Providing Palliative Care to the Homeless & Marginalized: A Blueprint for Action 

 E4  Linking Best Practice Guidelines Use and Health Outcomes for Better Information and Care (HOBIC) in the Community 

 F4  Out and About in Community Mental Health 

 Beyond the Ask: Intensive Interventions for Smoking Cessation in the Home Visiting Program
 G4  Networking Café/ Café-réseau 

 Wednesday May 18th/ Mercredi 18 mai

 Time/ Heure  Event/ Événement
 10:15 am – 11:15am     Breakout Sessions 5/Réunions en petits groupes 5
 A5  Enhancing the Nursing Undergrad Experience in Community Health Nursing: A University and Public Health Partnership

 B5  Exploring Factors Influence Lifestyle Risk Behaviors Associated with Cardiovascular Diseases Amongst Qatari Women

 C5  The Impacts of a Hep C Peer Support Group on Street Injection Drug Users

 Youth and Drugs: Canadian Standards for Substance Abuse Prevention Initiatives
 D5  The Individual Service Component: A Community Health Nursing Strategy for Supporting High Risk Pregnant Women

 E5  Service Integration and Sustainability of Shaken Baby Syndrome Without the Price Tag?

 Family Networks: Reducing the Need for Protective Care
 F5  Forging Links and Breaking Down Barriers

 G5  Networking Café/ Café-réseau

 11:30 am –  12:30 pm  Breakout Sessions 6/Réunions en petits groupes 6
 A6  Service Learning: A Pathway to Community Health Nursing
 C6  The Unique Nursing Role in a Student Run CHC

 Merging Concepts of Health and Balance in the Context of Aboriginal Health: A Preliminary Conceptual Model
 D6  The True Meaning of Partnerships and Capacity Building

 E6  Meeting the Challenge of Chronic Disease in First Nation Communities

 F6  Creating Healthy Work Environments in the Community: Nurse Fatigue

 Critical Caring: A Model for Public Health Nursing Practice
 G6  Networking Café/ Café-réseau
 Solutions for Developing Public Health Nursing Leadership