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This conference brings together nurses interested in Community Health Nursing from practice, research, administration, policy and education to provide a forum to explore issues of mutual concern as well as exchange knowledge, share evidence and ideas and generate solutions. Plan to be part of this forum - this year's conference is sure to be a success! The following may help you demonstrate value to your employer.


Once it is published in late February, review the Program and identify educational sessions that specifically address the challenges you face in your day-to-day work.  Think about your professional learning plan and what sessions in this conference address that plan.

Put your ideas in writing and submit a formal proposal to your supervisor or manager.  Include keynote speakers and your intended concurrent sessions and why the knowledge gained will enhance your professional development and be valuable to you and your team. List all areas where your organization faces challenges and the sessions you want to attend or which exhibitors you plan to visit with that will help address these challenges.

You might want to include some of the following general benefits:

  • Networking with nurses from across the country who share similar issues, and challenges.
  • Learn about the latest research on topics of relevance to your work.
  • Discover solutions from across the country to complex issues.
  • Learn from leading experts and through collaboration with colleges.
  • Share your lessons learned with colleagues across the country.
  • Analyze best practices.
  • Get inspired!


Follow up with your supervisor after you return from the conference. They will want to know firsthand your impression, whether you gained something from it and how you will be able to apply lessons learned. Refer to your original proposal and discuss goals you achieved.  Let your supervisor know what you have learned, how you will implement this knowledge and how you intend to share it with your colleagues. Most importantly, let your organization know that your participation in the conference was a worthwhile investment.


Plan your strategy, prepare your proposal and secure your approval to go today!